Sunday, August 1, 2010

The whole fuss abt BLACKBERRY

For the past few weeks there have been headlines in all leading newpapers across the country about the threat that Blackberry posses to security. All known as well as unkknown analyst are presenting statistics with huge figures with regards to the security. And eventually yesterday TRA (Telecommunication Regulating Authority) of UAE announced that all Blackberry services would be suspended starting Oct 11.

As a existing Blackberry user and with haven purchased just a few months back, it came to me as a shock. I completely understand the security concerns of the authority but at the same time i feel that the other side of it has more advantages. Since i am working, to me Blackberry is a lifeline. Instant reply to emails, working at home and many more are options which the cell phone has given me.

I donot know about the other countries but certainly here in UAE majority of the organizations have given their senior employees as well as sales employees Blackberry handsets to stay connected and increase productivity in-turn. Now this decision certainly wouldn't be welcomed with open hands.

For past few months all leading electronic outlets were busy selling Blackberry handsets with lucrative offers which attracted customers. For instance, when i purchases the handset, they gave me 3 months free subscription with a new sim card and some other accesories as well. There was a time about few weeks back when Blackberry handsets were selling a hot pan cakes and every other friend of mine was posting BB Pin on Facebook.

So the whole point now is that what are we suppose to do now. Just throw away our handsets? The TRA has requested both Etisalat and Du (the only two service providers in UAE) to come up with alternative packages for users. But how good and how cheap is that solution going to be is the question?


Mingled Minds said...

ahhhh..... the only suggestion i would lend u is... ME IN INDIA....its fine to use BB probs... its k.... i will adjust wid it....u can send it over :D :D...heheheheheee....

now hearing bout this news must be sad for u coz avi to u cant use it...par i don no mere pet mai chuhe kud rai hai.. :) :) :) :)..this increases my chances of getting a BB :) :) :D :D :> :>....hheheheheheheheheeee..gud luckkkk :D

Muzi said...

chal nautanki...jab dekho u want smthng...kabhi laptop toh kabhi bb